Dream On 10 Items

Shop our newest collection of pieces featuring feathers, including our brand new Dreamcatcher Living Locket.


Empowerment Collection 20 Items

Choose what reminder you need for the day. Remember you aren't alone on this journey. Believe it! Gift it! (Pass on the love to someone who needs it.)


Moroccan Collection 5 Items

Inspired by centuries-old Moroccan design, the unique shapes + textures are perfect for day and night.


Classic. Sophisticated. Elegant. 10 Items


Spring Favorites 23 Items


Wanderlust 25 Items

[won-der-luhst] (.n) A strong desire or urge to wander or travel and explore the world.


Charm Spotlight 35 Items

Check out the Charms we are loving at the moment and fill your Living Locket® with the ones that match your personality and capture your memories, passions or dreams!